• Temperature of refrigerators, freezers and cold rooms to monitor? Choose
    The MULTiLOG2 temperature data logger provides real-time monitoring in up to
    24 locations, with automatic data download to a PC, software providing real-time
    information, time stamped reports and charts. MULTiLOG2 also logs independently
    of mains power with audible alarms and SMS messaging of alarm conditions.
  • Temperature of chilled or frozen good in transit to monitor? Choose
    Rugged and reliable electronic devices for monitoring temperature,
    humidity, CO2, power usage and other environmental parameters in
    a variety of applications across many different industries.
Experts in temperature and data logging solutions for over 25 years.

Welcome to Remonsys Ltd

Monitoring temperatures is our business. From remotely located vaccines to perishable goods in-store or in-transit, we give our clients the control and security that they need to monitor the integrity of the cold chain.

As well as providing a permanent record of the temperatures at up to 24 separate locations at your defined selected intervals, our new product MULTiLOG2 has the capability to send SMS alerts so that you are immediately aware if there is a problem with the conditions at the storage facilities.

  • Who We Are

  • Our solutions provide the reassurance that perishable goods in-transit have been kept at the required temperatures from manufacturer to end user.

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  • What We Do

  • We are proud to work with International Humanitarian aid agencies and have provided solutions for international vaccine programmes in over 25 countries.

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