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At Remonsys we have over 25 years of experience in providing temperature monitoring and data logging solutions. Our products have been developed so that they can be used by a range of industries including Pharmaceuticals and Food Manufacturing and Distribution.

Our products ensure accurate temperature monitoring and data logging that provides quality assurance throughout the cold chain and proof of compliance with industry standards and regulations. Remonsys Ltd was estblished in 1983 with the AUTOLOG TTM, a battery operated temperature data logger, used throughout the world in shipping containers to monitor the temperatures of perishable goods in-transit including chilled lamb from New Zealand to Europe and citrus fruit from the Mediterranean to the USA.

The MULTiLOG was developed in 1999 to provide static monitoring of refrigerators, freezers and cold rooms and , in 2013, a completely redesigned version - the MULTiLOG2 – was released.



Our products are used in countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

They are ideal for use in the FDA's HACCP program and to provide due-diligence for the European Food Safety Regulations.

The MULTiLOG2 has been granted approval from USDA for it to be used in the Cold Treatment Protocol and it  has been entered onto the World Health Organisation's list (PQS)  of approved equipment for Central Vaccine store monitoring.

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