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Order Code See Notes Item Shipping weight (kg)
ML2CB 1 MULTiLOG2 Control box 1.0
MLS20 2 Temperature sensors (20m) 0.3
MLD20 3 Digital Sensor door switch 0.3
MLEDS100 4 Digital extension lead (100) 5.0
MLEJCT 4 Junction box for extension leads 3.0
MLE100 4 Temperature extension lead (100) 5.0
ML2SOFT 6 MULTiLOG2 Software 0.1
ML2USB 1 MULTiLOG2USB cable 0.2
ML2BATT 7 MULTiLOG2 batteries x 2 (recharged from the USB) 0.3


Air temperature sensors

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Order code Typical order Item Quantity
ML2CB MULTiLOG2 control box (ML2) & Software ML2SOFT 1
MLS20 Temperature sensors 16
MLE100 Temperature extension lead (100) + junction box 2


A digital Sensor

  1. ML2CB includes:
    • LCD display and battery indicator & 2 batteries (recharged from the USB)
    • GSM/GPRS autodialler (requires a user programmed SIM card and a 'Roaming' cell-phone contract)
    • Internal alarm sounder and an external autodialler connector
    • USB Cable connector to PC (2m)
  2. Temperature sensor cable (20m as standard)
  3. Digital sensors monitor door state (open/shut)
  4. Temperature sensor extension lead in addition to the 20m sensor cable on adjustable length cable (maximum sensor lead distance 200m)
  5. External Alarm is independent of sound facility on computer and internal MULTiLOG2 sounder
  6. Software which works on Windows 2000 & Windows XP, Windows 7
  7. Rechargeable battery packs (recharged from the USB)