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The MULTiLOG2 temperature data logger provides real-time monitoring in up to 24 locations with PC software providing real-time information, time stamped reports and charts.

Use it to monitor fridges, freezers and cold rooms, medicines and vaccine stores, food manufacturers and food distributors, schools and hospital kitchens, hotels and restaurants.

The MULTiLOG2 not only provides real-time monitoring and on-screen display but it gives the reassurance that if pre-set temperature parameters are exceeded an audible alarm will sound and/or an SMS message will be sent to up to 3 specified telephone numbers. With separate power and alarm batteries MULTiLOG2 will continue to operate even if mains power fails. Data security and continuity of recording are assured by setting up an automatic download of data to the PC at timed intervals.

The MULTiLOG2 is pre-qualified by WHO PQS; main features are;

  •  Control box connects to PC via USB but operates independently from it
  • . Connect up to 24 temperature or digital sensors
  • . Continuous secure data logging with automatic download of data to the PC
  • . On-board audible alarm and SMS messaging sent by in-built GPRS
  • . Separate batteries for logging and alarms
  • . LCD to indicate alarms and battery charging
  • . A choice of languages for on-screen text and labels
  • . Easy to use software to produce reports and charts as required (see screenshots below)

For an example of a sample installation layout see our original MULTiLOG page.

For more information, download the MULTiLOG2 technical data sheet (.pdf)


Instant Monitor© screen example
Instant Monitor© screen example